Monday, 7 February 2011

GOOD BAD who knows?

Whoaaaa it's already 2011, for couple months i haven't written in blog, notes or any other medias.. Busy season in office ,since i work in public accountant, made me have no time for writing or crafting ;(
Now, i was lying in bed for 5 days, exhausted (doctor said indication of parathypus). Uhhh it's so boring: headache, fever, eat only certain foods sleep and sleep. Too much sleep is also boring rite?
But, good bad who knows? during my recovery time, i have a time to do "craft googling time!!". Yeah, it's been a long time since i did my last hobby (crafting), while i didn't have any spare time to do crafting , at least googling crafters' blog is so muchhh fun for mee =D.
And my googling time is ended up with "Handmade by Rina" blog and see how cute those cards are! Honestly, i've just know that making cards is so exciting.
You can see in Rina's blog here: ,
and more excitement continues, she would like to give a candy :
My Candy,i give to You Till 26 Feb 2011. CLICK Pict for Info:
Can't wait to see who is the winner (finger cross =p ).

So guys, once again, GOOD BAD, who knows? =D

sisi jessica

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Rina Damay said...

Hi Sisi

Thanks for joining my Candy

Good Luck
Rina Damay