Sunday, 15 August 2010


Whoaaaaaa it has been a longgg time for me since my last post ( actually i only posted once in blogspot, haha)..
Duluuuuu.. meskipun gak nge post via blog, usually i keep writting notes in facebook, so sad that during last 1 year, i seldom write a note and do my hobbies ,, huhu..
In 2010, i only wrote once in May, huhuhu..
In the recent months, i suddenly feel sooo fucked up with my life,,
i feel bored bored and getting bored with my all activities,, and i asked to myself "what do you want sisi?" and i asked "DUNNO",, i felt that i'm running my life with no purpose.. i have sooooo many dreams, but in fact, i DO NOTHING to achieve those dreams.. poor me ya?

Sampai akhirnya suatu hari, gak sengaja sedang googling2 and browsing, i found many interesting craft blogger... waaaaaaaaa... believe or not, gue tereak2 pas liat hahaha..
sumpahhhh iri banget liat mereka bikin ini itu.. haha.. sekarang, tiap kali online, pasti blog2 tersebut gue bukaa haha.. !!!!

Suddenly, many ideas popped up, and i have a plan to make my dream realised. Dan ternyata setelah memiliki rencana2 untuk kembali melakukan hobi , i feel my life is getting happier and more beautifulll ^^


Actually these simple goals ideas came from Elsie Cake, after reading 4 simple goals , i realised that to reach my dreams, i must commit and challenge my self.

Sooo i ended up with this notes, and make my 4 simple goals until the end of the year:

And from Elsie, i learn that :"do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals"

Sooo, these are my 4 simple goals:

1. Starting to make many craft product as many as i can. Spend my few hours in weekend to draw sketches, hunt materials and MAKE it!!

2. Learn how to operate a sewing machineeeeee !! =)

3. Learn how to make christmas cookies and make christmas gifts !!

4. Writting regularly (notes or novel)

Soooo those are my goals.. Very simple and when i reach one of my goals, i will write in this blog again.. Wait for my next post yaaa =)

Jessica Arsianti a.k.a Sisi who never ever dared (read: MALAS dan GAK PERNAH MAU) to write her goals clearly, now she has dared herself to make these 4 simple goals.. Wrote in this blog will remind her to keep trying and reaching her dreams.. SO, how about YOU? =)



Cemprut : (one of my fav blogs!!)

Elsie : (follow this link to read more about 4 simple goals)


Gina Golda said...

go for it shi....u know i always support u in everything u aimed to do....

anw,, how about our plan to make business together??have u found the idea???heheheh,,,i think we could sell the handmade craft and make it a professiona business...hehhehe

Anonymous said...

Sisi... Aku sepenuhnya mendukung 4 simple goal-mu itu.!

Sebagai wujud terima kasih dari mu karen aku mendukung sepenuhnya, maka aku menerima kue-kue x'mas & gift mu itu ya kepadaku ya.

Ku tunggu pula kue-kue lainnya
Maret bawa kue Magha Puja
Mei juga bawa kue Waisak
Agustus bawa kue Asadha
October bawa kue kathina

asyikkk asyik asyikkk